What is Weinkeller?

Weinkeller is a locally owned restaurant, not a franchise. Casually upscale in every detail is the ideal way to describe our restaurant.

Every detail of our restaurant from how the chairs look and feel, to our double walled espresso cups, have been hand picked in an effort to add to the overall experience of your visit.

Weinkeller is a craft winery and fresh food experience. In the style of a brew pub that crafts it's own Beer, we do the same but with Wine. Currently we are making a total of  6 wines right on the premises - for all to see.

We're crafting 3 reds and 3 whites for sale only at Weinkeller. These wines are crafted using the juice of grapes from all around the world. Local farmers here in the Niagara region will be selected during the peak season for freshness and quality.

We have built an environment that allows for a great visual and relaxed experience with prices that appeal to almost everyone. We offer a simply amazing menu using local Ontario grown product that will change seasonally to reflect what is at the peak of freshness.

We have a very small freezer in our kitchen to ensure that the products we choose must be ordered fresh and that our ordering is in small batches to ensure quality and a fresh rotation.

I am proud to have run out of a menu item that we have created fresh for that days service. It says that we care abut the quality of the product that we serve and that is prepared fresh everyday.

Our menu is designed to feature a set price for a 3 course dinner or 5 course dinner - an entire experience at a set price. You're also welcome to order individually from the menu. It's your choice at Weinkeller, always. 

Wine, beer or a hi-ball may be substituted as a course as well to complete your experience. Check out our fresh menu selections in the menu section of the site.

Why is it spelled that way?

Weinkeller is the German word for Wine Cellar.
As we are in a very old, bavarian hand carved, brick walled basement and are making wines, we thought the name was very appropriate.

What was the motivation or idea behind Weinkeller?

The thought behind Weinkeller was simply quality. Casually upscale in every detail!

From our custom furnishings, the beautiful bathroom millwork, cutlery, and glassware is there to excite the senses and make you feel comfortable.

Adding the menu was the exact same. Quality ingredients and time honoured methods made fresh in our house for our friends from around the world.

Where is Weinkeller located?

We are located right next door to the World Famous Nightmares Fear Factory, at 5633 Victoria Av., in the tourist district of Niagara Falls Canada. 1-Block East of Clifton Hill, at the corner of Victoria Ave. Across from Casino Niagara. Paid supervised parking is available on-site. Map.

What types of wines do you serve?

We craft a total of 6 wines, 3 reds and 3 whites. Our house crafted wines will change and evolve as we grow.

Here is more info about the technology used inside our winery/restaurant:

 - Our wines come directly off taps in digitally temperature controlled equipment so that our white wines are poured at 43 degrees and reds at 63 degrees every time.

 - This is state of the art wine service and we are very proud of the opportunity to bring it to Canada for the very first time.

 - We will also carry a selection of wines from the local regions and across Canada.

Do you accommodate for peanut allergies?

Since we make almost everything in house, we can help to accommodate most of your allergy concerns.

Do you have nutritional information?

Currently we no not have that information available due to our seasonally changing menu and the fact that we're still so new!

We apologize for any inconvenience.

What we do have is a promise of fresh, local food that is prepared daily.

As close to GMO free as we can currently achieve.

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5633 Victoria Ave.
Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3L5
(289) 296-8000
[email protected]

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