Cabernet Sauvignon and New York Strip Steak Food and Wine Pairing

Monday, July 20, 2015 by Chelsey Harasym

The Best Wine with Steak Pairing Ever

Even the most novice of wine tasters usually knows that red wine with red meat is a safe bet. But our spin on this basic food and wine pairing has so much more going on than just the basics.

Our cabernet sauvignon isn’t just any red wine. And telling Chef our 8oz certified Angus New York Strip Steak is just any old steak could get you banned from Niagara Falls for life.


The Wine

Our exclusive house crafted cabernet sauvignon is incredible to say the least. Some have gone as far to call it a miracle worker.

It’s bold flavours and round tannins make for a complex tasting experience and a finish that you’ll be tasting long after the last sip.

Full of juicy red fruit notes and subtle spice you’ll enjoy this just on it’s own as one of your 5 courses. But trust us, you’ll enjoy it more when paired with our extraordinary steak.


The Food

There are a few selections of steak on our menu. For this pairing we will focus on our 8ox certified Angus New York Strp steak with red wine jus.

Chef Robert Forster hand carves each steak himself to ensure optimal tenderness. Seasoned delicately to enhance the meats natural flavours and are prepared for service.

Cooked according to order each steak is then finished with an ideal amount of reduced demi glaze red wine jus.

The jus adds a touch of moisture while using its flavours to bring forward the spice and grill notes.

Served along side the freshest seasonal vegetables and hearty house cut truffle fries, this dish will never disappoint. Except possibly when you're disappointed it’s all gone.


The Wine Pairing Guide

The round tannins in our cabernet sauvignon soften a little more with each bite of the beautifully prepared steak. The fruit flavours in the wine brighten up the steak in a way that can only be described as heavenly. And finally the peppery notes in the steak accent the subtle spice and toast of our big cab.


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