Seasonal Produce in Ontario and On Our Menu

Friday, August 14, 2015 by Chelsey Harasym

Why You Should Be Eating Seasonal Foods

There is nothing quite like enjoying delicious seasonal vegetables and fruits picked close to home. When your food doesn’t travel for days to be on your plate you can taste the freshness in every crisp bite.

And our Chefs know how much freshness can make a difference. That’s why we always focus on building our seasonal menu around local seasonal fruits and vegetables.

What Fruits and Vegetables are in Season Now

Whether you're spending your weekends at a local farmers market or checking online sources for which foods are in season now, knowing is half the battle.

Once you know what is in season you can shop at a farmers market or your local grocer and pick up the freshest ingredients to build delicious meals.

Which is exactly what we do! Our menu always highlights local seasonally available produce, see these incredible examples.


Tomatoes in many shapes and sizes will be ripening this month all over Ontario. We love to showcase them in our Heirloom Tomato Salad.

This masterpiece of colourful local heirloom tomatoes is tossed with crisp fennel and arugula and topped with buffalo mozzarella cheese.

Finished with the perfect amount of drizzled balsamic reduction and sunshine oil, it’s an ideal showcase of late summer freshness.

Peaches and Blueberries

The Niagara Region is no stranger to fresh peaches and blueberries. With world class fruits like this grown in our backyard, how could we not highlight their quality?

Our Grilled Ontario Peach and Blueberry Salad uses the warmth from the grill to enhance the incredible sweetness of the local peaches and blueberries.

Layer that on top of crunchy baby kale, arugula, and spinach, dress with white balsamic and grape seed oil vinaigrette to make a salad like none other.

Arugula, Garlic and Cherry Tomatoes

Not much else says fresh like a fresh pesto pasta. Our Vegetarian Linguine includes all kinds of great seasonal produce to kick the freshness up to 11.

This unique arugula pesto with whole roasted garlic cloves and oven dried cherry tomatoes build layers of flavour you will be sure to savour with each fork full.

Ensuring our arugula, garlic and cherry tomatoes are local, sometimes as local as our Hidden Garden Patio, keeps the intense fresh flavours to a maximum.

Book Your Fresh Food Experience Now!

Now that you know all of the incredible local produce that is in season and on our menu, make your reservation to join us for dinner tonight!

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