Wine Wednesday Wine and Cheese Pairings

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 by Christina Di Franco

Wine Wednesday

Weinkeller is officially kicking off its “Wine Wednesday” blog series. We will be introducing you to the most savoury and classic wine and food pairings we have concocted out of our own craft wines, local featured wines and prix menu items every other Wednesday over the next few months.  

Goat Cheese and Wine Pairing

With the overwhelming popularity of our fried goats cheese appetizer, we wanted to introduce you to its even greater taste potential when it is paired with our homemade riesling. Although the classic pairing for goats cheese typically involves Sauvignon Blanc, which we also have on tap, we believe that because of the rosemary honey truffle oil in the dish that the riesling is even more complementary. This delectable pairing will make your taste buds explode in the best way possible. We guarantee a blast of mouthwateringly smooth flavour with every bite and sip.

White Wine Riesling


Our prized Riesling, always chilled to perfection by our digital tap system, offers a lush combination of fruity and sweet acidity with a lasting, pleasant finish. The riesling grape, originally from the Rhine Valley in Germany, offers a flowery and fruity taste fusion. This works to not only produce a perfumey smell but a perfumey taste. Drinking something that tastes as good as it smells can only be described as euphoric, trust us.

Riesling Wine and Cheese Pairing

Our riesling pairs well with a fair amount of foods; especially seafood pasta dishes using wine, garlic, alfredo and pesto sauces. However, we have found that the riesling paired best with our famed fried goats cheese appetizer. They work together to provide the ultimate flavour combination. One that is sure to leave you sinfully addicted and wanting more.

Our melt in your mouth goats cheese is plated with roasted garlic cloves, oven dried cherry tomatoes and rosemary honey truffle oil. This dish is highly irresistible and our guests often re-order it multiple times in the same sitting.

Classic Wine and Cheese Pairing

The flowery, fruity notes of our riesling paired with the light, fresh taste of our goats cheese offering a comforting flavour palette that you have to try to believe. The upfront fruitiness of this wine is harmonious with the silky, soft, and gooey goats cheese. This delicious endeavour is sure to send your tastebuds on a journey to wine and cheese heaven.

Cheers from Weinkeller and happy Wine Wednesday to all of you vino lovers and foodies alike.


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