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Experience Weinkeller Niagara Falls

Weinkeller is truly a “Full” experience.

A completely customizable menu awaits each guest, allowing you to create a personal experience around Fresh food & wine(s).

From the moment you walk in, and down our brick staircase, you're welcomed with; warmth, atmosphere, ambience and a sense of something different.

Your taste buds are welcomed with the sweet smell of; Fresh, Seasonal selections, prepared daily for your experience.

Local farmers here in the Niagara region will be selected during the peak season for freshness and quality in all Chefs choices for the seasonal menus that he creates.

A full Craft winery, (similar to the Brewpub concept) on the Premise. Producing & serving a total of 6 wines on tap.

Thru a proprietary invention, all our craft wines are temperature controlled are made right on the premises.

We only use our locally Farmed Grapes to create authentic Niagara Vintages only available (so far) at Weinkeller.

All of our wines by the glass are, or can be, included as an option during your dinner as we off a 3 or 5 ITEM dinning experience.

We will also carry a selection of wines by the bottle from the local region to showcase the bounty of our local, Small winery selected, Ontario Wineries.

We hope to see you soon