Thank you for making your reservation. We truly appreciate it very much. A couple helpful notes to consider as you are booking.

  • We open our doors at 5pm daily.

  • Bookings can be done easily here, for up to 4 guests Maximum.

  • Larger than 4 guests must call us to assure space is available for you. We currently are not accepting any groups at all. Sorry

  • Although welcome, Weinkeller chooses to be an ADULT focused business. Considerations should be made if you would like to bring your children as we have no Furniture or menus to accommodate the typical young appetite. Having said that we always encourage, young adults in training. But... children left unattended will be given high doses of sugar and a puppy. (Kidding)

  • Free Parking is available once your Reservation has been confirmed thru a text message that will be sent out prior to your Booking. There is no Validating tickets already purchased thru the machine as it is local business that allows us the curtesy to park.

  • Although requests for certain tables can be given, we will not guarantee that specifically requested tables will be available at the time you arrive. We do not rush our guests so to have a selected table may incur a wait.

Call (289) 296-8000 or book online.