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Weinkeller's Families Tour Scott Epp's Farm

Wednesday, June 08, 2016


At Weinkeller, we take our quest for freshness seriously. So when Scott Epp invited us out to tour his farm in Niagara-on-the-Lake, we couldn't resist.

Scott is a 4th generation farmer, walking in the footsteps of his father Edward and his grandfather Abe. His farm on Concession 2 in Niagara-on-the-Lake grows a variety of vegetables, greens, stone-fruits and herbs for a select group of Niagara's restaurants.


With the kids fresh out of school for the summer, it was only natural that they joined us for the day to see where our food comes from. With families (including the dog, Bentley!) in tow,  Chris, Chris & Rob  walked along the dusty roadway the meanders through the farm.

Scott showed us baby zucchini, freshly picked baby kale and a fascinating assortment of squash blossoms that would likely be on someone‚Äôs plate that evening.


How This Summer's Weather Is Affecting The Farm

It was exciting to watch as Rob, Chris and Scott talked about how this summer's hot, dry conditions were affecting what was growing now and what would be ready soon.


We learned from Scott about the measures that he takes to conserve water during this growing season. The biodegradable black plastic you see below the plants keeps the water in near the roots where it is needed the most.


Seasonal Ingredients Picked At The Peak Of Freshness


As many of our regulars know, we enjoy sourcing fresh, local ingredients from our local farming community.

Seasonal ingredients selected at the peak of freshness is one secret to our tasty dishes. Our chef Rob talks frequently with farmers like Scott, because what they tell us helps to set the menu - if cherries or tiny French Breakfast radishes are plentiful, expect to see them on your plate!


We Are Growing Here At Weinkeller, Too!


In addition to sourcing from local farms, we also love to grow our ingredients as much as we can, ourselves.

You may have noticed we have an assortment of herbs and heirloom tomatoes on our Hidden Garden Patio.